Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Work, School, Work!

So I started a new job about a month ago at Primary Children's Medical Center. I work in the Emergency Department as a Tech and I love it. I just finished training last week and had my first day on my own yesterday. It was a busy day but things went well. A lot of people have said how do you do it working with those poor kids, it would be too sad. I love to see kids get better so that is the best place to help them through the process.
I am still working my other job as well at the Urgent Care and like it there so much. Some things have changed there and it was a hard adjustment but things are more stable and working out. I hope to work both jobs for awhile.
The challenge of having two jobs it that I am also a full time student and so I am limited on how much time I have to study. But for the most part school is going well. I am taking double Chemistry classes and Physiology. I am doing awesome in Chemistry but I need to study more in Physiology, hmmm. . . probably should be studying right now instead of updating this blog. I just wanted everyone to know what I have been up to.
I am looking forward to spending the day with my family for Thanksgiving. Even though I live at home it seems like I don't ever get to seem my family since I am gone either at Work or School.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well I haven't been up to much lately so I didn't think I had much to write about. I have been going to school and working. School has been going good. I have had my first tests and aced them all but have been slacking in my studies this last week. Time to step it up again.
I got a new job this week. I will be working at Primary children's medical center in the ER as a critical care tech. I am excited to start this job on Oct 19th. I am going to learn so much there it scares me how much I don't know about kids and emergencies. No boyfriends but maybe some prospects we will have to see how things pan out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am back!

I went running for the first time this week since my last race. My foot is finally healed and I can start up again. Down side is I let myself get lazy and out of shape (well more like into a round shape) and so it has been really hard to want to go running but I just gotta get back into it. I love how I feel after a good run.
So I have gone twice in the last week and I am glad to say I am finally back.
To update how my life has been going lately. School started back up and I am so busy studying and working that my social life has been put on hold and I am ok with that for now. I am enjoying my classes this semester and I am doing pretty good in them so far. I am not dating anyone and I really don't have the desire to date anyone for a bit. I am taking time for myself to really get to know and love myself.
Work has been having some bumpy roads with a few changes in it but it feels like things well settle down for a bit now (hopefully).
I am really missing my friend Lindy, she moved out to Oklahoma last month, and the fun times we had together. We use to email each other through out the day while at work and now with her new job I don't think she can do that anymore :(
My other good friend Alexis is engaged now and is so busy planning her wedding and spending time with her fiance Rick now that I don't get to talk to her much as well.
So to sum it up I am feeling like a loner now with no friends and no desire to make new ones what with school and working taking up all my time. But to end this on a good note I am really enjoying spending time with my family. We couldn't be closer.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So on Friday my family went hiking for my mom's birthday. We decided to go try a new trail up Little Cottonwood Canyon called Red Pine Lake Trail. I had hiked some of it earlier this summer but there was too much snow to complete the hike so we tried again this time. It was a nice day we didn't leave until I got off work at 230 so it was more of an evening hike. The sun was bright and hot but up in the mountains its wasn't too bad. We climbed for about 2 hrs and then rested, most of the kids were really tired and didn't want to hike much more but Michael had gone ahead of all of us the entire hike and we couldn't just leave him. We ran into a couple that was coming down from the lake and they said we had at least another hour before we would reach the lake. They suggested we don't try to finish the climb because that would put us close to things getting dark on the climb down. So my Mom and I decided to hike ahead and find Michael while the rest of the family ate their sandwiches and rested. This was adventure in its self. I ran ahead until the incline got steep then I climbed as fast as I could. Can we say big mistake! I got so tired and had to rest to catch my breath. My Mom caught up with me and then I just kept things at her pace so I wouldn't tire out too much anymore. It was a steep climb and just when I thought I would give up we found Michael. He was just chillin by the creek and said he had been sitting there for about 20-30 mins. We headed back down and man my legs were so tired that when I stood still my legs would shake just a little. (So morale of the story do try to run up a hill, lol!) We all got back to the car and went home. We had a lot of fun but next time I think it would be go to leave earlier in the day and just make it a all day event. Then you can take all the breaks you want and need. I would suggest this hike to anyone without little children.I hope you enjoy some of the pics we took (well the kids took them with my phone while I was out looking for Michael)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok so I am a kissing slut I have decided. I like to kiss boys what can I say. My latest squeeze is Brant he is 20yrs old and super cute. I met him at church and we just hit it off. Since the week that we met we have gone hiking (for fhe), went to a bbq and frisbee golf (which is super fun 1st time ever and I totally suck at throwing a frisbee) went again and played frisbee golf later in the week, went and watched the new batman movie (AWESOME!) and hung out after as well. WOW that is a lot for one week now that I think about it. If it really goes somewhere I will keep you all posted but till then I will be doing my thang!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Race Day!

Race Day! Ok so I entered into a 10k race with a friend from work. She wanted to do it and so asked me to join her. I had never ran that much (6.1 miles) at one time but thought it would be fun to try. I need more adventure in my life so this was perfect.
I started running in March of this year. At that time I couldn't even do 1 mile straight through. Pathetic I know, I was lazy but needed to get out and get into shape. I worked up to running a 5k (3.2 miles) in April and May. It was great the first 5k in April i wasn't quite ready for and so walked a little of it but not much. The next one I ran the whole thing. I felt so accomplished. I kept training for the 10k but could seem to push past the 3mile mark. My body just got too tired. Everyone I talked to that runs said it is all in my head and I should push past it. I started to get discouraged that I couldn't push past it. I really actually didn't even run once in the last 1 1/2 weeks. I was just going to have to walk some of this 10k. I was okay with that too. At least I can say I finished it right?
Well come to find out my friend that got me to do this race never signed up for it so I was all alone in this. I wanted to have someone that I knew there with me but I didn't. I almost just said forget it I probably cant do it anyway I haven't trained well enough.
The night before race day I had to work. We didn't get out of work till 11pm. Then I had to shower and get all my stuff ready for the race. I knew if I didn't have it I would be late. So I got to bed around 12:30ish. I had to get up at 4:40am the next day. I knew I was going to be tired but it is what had to be done. My alarm went off and I was up, tired, groggy but up. I got dressed got everything ready to go and took off. My family said they would come out in time to see me cross the finish line. That is really what I needed, someone that I could look for in the crowd. Someone that expects me to finish and will cheer me on. I get up to the Research park by the U and cant find anywhere to park! AGH! it is 5:55am and the race starts at 6. I finally just parked across from sunnyside ave and ran to the race. HA yeah silly I know. They started late I guess cause I still had 1-2 mins before the race began. I was in the back and there were so many people there. We took off and I jogged trying to find someone that ran the same pace as me so I could just follow them or run by them. I couldn't find someone that ran my pace they were either in my way or too fast. So I just listened to the music on my ipod and kept running. The down hill part was the easiest and at the beginning, of course. I gave up just before mile 3. I was tired and my legs were starting to hurt because we just had climbed a little hill. (WAY LITTLE) so I walked for like a minute. But I couldn't keep walking everyone was passing me and I felt good enough to start running again. I passed mile 3, mile 4, and mile 5. I had never got this far before. I could feel blisters forming on my feet but I only had a mile left and couldn't give up now. There was all the parade people watching. So I kept running. It really didn't feel all that hard until the last 1/4 mile. It was more uphill slightly and I was starting to feel how tired I really was. But I made myself continue I could see the finish line so it wasn't much more than I can stop. I am looking everywhere for a familiar face but I didn't ever see one. I passed the finish line and looked at the time clock 1:05:55 I was amazed I thought it would take me at least an hour and a half. Sweet! I did it and not a bad time for my first time ever. I wanted to fall over and never get up. My legs felt like noodles. I still had to find my family but I didn't make a plan where to meet them at. So I stood there and waited till someone found me. My sister found me about 10min later. :( they had just got there and didn't even see me finish. I was a little sad to hear that no one saw me finish. But I did it ant that is what mattered.
Well day after the race I am so sore. My legs are tired, I have blisters on my feet, etc. I would do it again though because it was something I wanted for me and no one else.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I went hiking on Monday. It was a lot of fun. My stake for church planned a hike up donut falls and then we roasted s'mores and just hung out. It was a lot of fun. We decided to climb all the way up to the falls (which I haven't ever done before because I didn't want to get wet) But today was different I didn't care if I got a little wet you can always change your clothes and stuff. I tried not getting too wet though! My feet were soaked and I rolled my pants up a bit but the ends were still drenched. It was all good though I had a lot of fun and now have a great group of friends to hang out with. So it was a good trip in the end.

Funny thing is I had gone hiking earlier that day up Timpanogas Cave. I took some pics of the valley from up on top the mountain. It was smoggy but still a great view. The last time i went up that mountain was when I was like 10 or maybe even younger. I remembered the trail was paved and that there were a lot of switch backs but I didn't remember how steep it was. Of course when I was little things like that didn't phase me as much. The caves were a lot smaller than I remembered also. Or maybe it was because I am much bigger now, lol Oh well It was still really cool and by the time we got up to the caves we were sweaty hot and the cold caves were just what we needed.

I suggest if you ever go hiking up Timpanogas that you go early in the morning so the heat doesn't get to you too much. Take lots of water and a snack.
Also go with someone you really would like to have the time to talk with. I went on a date with a guy I had never met. It was good we had plenty of time to talk while going up the mountain but he just wasn't interesting enough and I wished there was someone else there to talk to.